How I make Copper Roses©

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This page is for you who want more details on how I make the Copper Roses with Brass Leaves

Frist, I shape the copper and brass, using .005 and .010 copper and brass sheets.

The petals are made from a circle that I have divided into 5 petal shapes.

Then I braze the smallest copper petals (circle) to a (3/32) steel rod, the other sets of petals have a hole in center which is slipped over the steel rod.

Each set is increased in size: 2 sets for bud, 3 sets for larger bud and 5 sets for full rose.

I then put .010 brass or copper shaped sepal ( 5 star like shape) with hole in middle. I use needle nose pliers to tighten the sepals to the bottom of the petals.

I then braze a brass rod to a round blob that attaches the sepal and petals to the steel rod. This blob looks like the receptacle of the rose.

Using a reducing flame, I then heat and cool the copper petals to get the desired reddish color. Color depends on heat and how flame is applied. Deep red has highest.

I shape each flat petal to a rounded shape with needle nose pliers and my fingers.

The leaves are made of thin brass. .005 that I have cut with serrated scissors. For a set of 3 leaves , the first is bigger than the 2nd and 3rd. Bigger sets have pairs reducing in size.

(As the brass is very thin, it is easy to melt the brass leaf,  I have been doing them for a long time and I still melt some leaves, so make lots of extras, )

After the brass leaves are attached to 1/16 steel rod. I weld the thiner steel rods with the leaves to the steel (3/32) stem.

I coat by brazing brass over all the steel rods, making bumps that look a bit like thorns.

Remove all scale and flux.

I then clean the brass leaves, dry them, polish, then bend with smooth needle nose pliers the brass to resemble the veins.

Bend, shape some more, make sure all is clean and polished.

Spray the entire piece with a clear sealer like Kyrlon Clear Sealer. Twice, but wait 12 hours between coatings.

12 hours after drying, I slip a piece of dyed reddish cotton in center of rose, then add a few drops of rose oil.

Sign my name and copyright mark © on back of leaf.

Add a little gift card with an gold elastic cord and a story card explaining how I made the rose and leaves.

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