More Copper Roses

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More Copper Roses

Special: 3 buds $120 plus $15 shipping USA

Joy's Scented Copper Roses ©

I have made these Copper Roses which are colored by moving the flame of my torch over the Copper.
The Leaves are Brass brazed to a steel stem which I cover with Brass.
Everything is sealed with crystal clear acrylic that will preserve their beauty for many years.
A small bit of colored cotton is hidden in the center, holds rose oil.
A card explaining how it was made, is included. My signature with © is on the back of a Brass Leaf.

Except for the smaller Copper Rose in the White Gift Box,
all the other Copper Roses come with a
Glass Vase and a little Copper Heart with names and a date.
( I scent the Copper Roses with Rose Oil, unless instructed not to do so.)
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Please send me the names and date for Copper Heart.
call (405) 329-0862

Perfect for the 7th Wedding Anniversary

Seven Copper Roses

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$500. plus $49. for shipping in USA, doubled boxed sent Priority Mail.

This is a special order:
please, allow one month to complete these tall 7 copper roses with over a100 brass leaves and for the clear glossy sealer to dry.

A small copper heart is included as well as the glass vase, please send me 2 first names and wedding date.

Tell me if you do NOT want the roses scented with rose oil.

To order:

contact Joy at 405 329 0862

Featured on this set of 3 different sizes of Copper Roses
makes a Beautiful Gift.

$135. plus $15,
shipping Priority Mail,
As this is a special order, I need 2 weeks to make these roses.

Comes with a Glass Vase and a Copper Heart.

$46. plus shipping $10,

Aprox. size is 11" x 6"   Weight : I lb

Please send me names and date to put on heart.
For information about paying with a personal check or a money order
Contact Joy .

"Two Roses, Like Our Lives, Standing Together"

Two Scented Copper Rose Buds in a Glass Vase, perfect as a wedding anniversary gift.
Each Rose has 15 petals and a set of 3 Brass Leaves and a set of 5 Leaves.

$92. plus shipping $12. USA

Be sure to send me the names and date that you want on the Copper Heart.
or call (405) 329-0862

If you want to pay with a credit card, I need your email address for Paypal.
You may send a personal check or money order.

As each item is a special order, allow 1 week for single Copper Rose to about 1 month for complex orders such as set of 7
Thank you for looking at my site!

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